Your Day

Stephanie Lyell Photography


Naturally your most gorgeous day...

Planned to the minute - the day that revolves around the biggest decision you've made in your adult life, to marry the man or woman of your dreams.  No pressure, right?  We are here to help make you look and feel your best for pictures that last a life time.

Bridal Trials - Trial services are provided for both the stylist and the bride to design a game plan for the big day, ensuring the day to run smooth and without surprise. You can have as many trial runs before your wedding as you want until you find the desired look, knowing that each trial run is at the cost of the bride. If you try a low smooth bun or natural glam makeup for your trial but decide after wearing it home and trying on your dress that you may want a voluminous beehive and Amy Winehouse winged-eyeliner instead, you will need to contact the salon to let the stylist know and schedule another trial if you feel it necessary.  

Contact our Bridal Specialist to find out more details on how to hire our stylists, secure a contract, and to schedule a trial run to get you and your wedding party ready to walk (or dance) down the aisle.  

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